The Secret To Selling On Instagram Without Spending A Dime

            Comment Selling has quickly become one of the most popular ways to buy and sell merchandise online.  Using Soldsie, or Comment Sold (a Soldsie competitor), customers have rapid, easy access to clothes, technology, toys and much more.  If you’re new to comment selling, let’s elaborate a little more before diving into the best methods of making money on Instagram.

What Is Comment Selling?

            Comment selling is the process of consumers buying advertised items on Facebook or Instagram by writing “SOLD” in the comment section of a post.  For example, you’re looking through posts made by a local vendor and a jacket catches your eye.  By simply typing in “SOLD,” plus maybe a size or color description, an invoice is sent to you if you wish to go through with the order.  It’s fast, instant and it doesn’t require customers to exit your page and interrupt their shopping experience.  This is where Soldsie and Comment Sold come in. Click here!

What is Soldsie and Comment Sold?

These are relatively new apps that allow comment selling to generate money and facilitate transactions between seller and consumer.  All you have to do is download the app and link it up with your Facebook or Instagram and your Paypal account.  From there, the easy to use interface will allow you to establish what your inventory is, prices for products and shipping times.  Soldsie and Comment Sold will recognize the keyword, “SOLD” in the comment sections and send an invoice to that customer using the details on their account.

Do It Without Ads

If we are committed to selling our product without spending any money, we must do it without Instagram ads.  These are useful, but they will cost you anywhere from 20 cents to $2 per click.  If you’re just starting out selling shoes out of your garage, this could be completely unrealistic.  You’re likely to go broke before selling a single pair of flats.  Therefore, we must find a way to get the word out on our product in different ways.

Selling For Free Equals All Profits

Aside from comment selling, here are a few ways to boost sales without costing you a dime:

Give Your Brand A Personality- Consumers are more likely to do business with you if they can put a face, or a personality to your brand.  In descriptions, feel free to let a bit of yourself shine through.  Additionally, this will make you more trustworthy as you won’t appear like a robotic, profit-hungry company.

-Utilize Instagram Stories- These two are somewhat related.  Instagram stories are a great way to create quick, temporary content on your account.  If someone follows your account, they will be notified when you post a new story.  This allows for even more interaction with the customer.  Show them around your business, be funny, be approachable.

-CTA- Having a strong “Call To Action” in your Instagram writeup will take potential customers from casual interest to “add to cart” without them really even knowing.  “Link in Bio,” or “Click here to shop” are a couple examples of CTAs.  Cater an ease of travel from Instagram to your store.

#Hashtags- Find out what hashtags are trending and incorporate them into your posts.  Some might be tangentially related (#blessed, #yass, etc.), but they will drum up more clicks and they also give the look of someone up to date with the current trends.  Do your research.  Look at competitors’ hashtags and see which ones apply to you.


With these tools and methods in mind, you should be well on your way to making good sales at no extra charge to yourself.  The shopping world is quickly changing and it’s imperative that you keep up.  Comment Selling has become the order of the day, so utilize it and see where it takes you! For more details, visit: