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5 Simple Steps to Sell Products on Facebook Shop

I know you have an e-commerce business but the major challenge is where do you get your customers with the many platforms to use. Do you have a website? Or you have a Shopify store? If you have an online business you probably know you will need to frequently earn new and many repeat clients, where do you find these clients?

Facebook will give you the clients you desire, with a population of over 2.1 billion active monthly users you are sure to maintain great sales this can always be done through Facebook comment selling.

Below are the steps to open a Facebook shop

Facebook business page set-up

Go ahead and set up a free Facebook business page where your clients can like your post’s comment and share. The reason as to why it’s not advisable to use a personal account is because you cannot open a shop with a personal account and the features of a Facebook page shop are only found on a Facebook business page.

If you have an online business consider opening a Facebook page as it offers vast marketing advantage like your sign-ups and potential customers are allowed to comment, like and share your posts, here it is very easy for your products to be sold through comment selling. The page offers you on the budget advertising tools, and you can sell your products directly to a large group of people. When your page is all set then you can now open a Facebook shop through Facebook friendly e-commerce. Here you can list products and accept offers and payments.

Check your selling options in the new Facebook shop

It offers you a complete in-app selling option by using the following methods

Uploading product data and directly connecting your payment processor to it which may include PayPal use or stripe for payment. It is an appropriate method if you sell a few items and want to keep adding more.

Using an e-commerce platform to sell on Facebook. This may include Shopify or Amazon, Pinterest, eBay among others. This is a time saver as it allows you to list all your products and sell them in your Facebook shop.

Comparison of ecommerce platform the Facebook shop

There are many e-commerce platforms that are easily connected to Facebook. Shopify, eCwid and big commerce are among the best known. You can do your research to get that which suits your needs.

Product creation and linking to your Facebook shop

The e-commerce stores offer you clear guidance to set up the product information and images, the payment options, shipping rates and store information. Each of them does it differently; go for the one that suits you.

Marketing your products

Now that your store is up, the products are ready to be promoted to your followers and countless potential customers using Facebook ads and Facebook posts.

In conclusion, the shop allows the potential client to offer Facebook comment selling and have interactive conversations where the client can understand exactly what they are into buying then purchase. Visit our blog: https://commentsold.com/

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