How Your Business Can Sell Directly Through Facebook

From comment selling to marketing, Facebook can be a versatile and vastly unexplored marketplace. Social media has changed the world and it’s interesting to see how it can impact business traffic and sales. Facebook remains the popular outlet for many and there are millions of businesses currently signed up to the site. For some, it’s about raising their profile and getting the word out about their products and services. However, others use it as a way to make additional money by directly selling their products through Facebook. How can you do this, and is it profitable?

You Must Build a Following or Consumer Base

You can look for a Soldsie alternative but without a following, you won’t sell a thing. Facebook enables businesses to create an account to promote their services and products; it can also help establish a consumer base or following. Anyone can follow a profile on Facebook and if you give them a reason to read your posts, they’ll likely return. This is the way to build a following and those initial followers can spread the word around and create a larger following. However, it takes time to create a base and it’s unlikely you’ll get millions of new customers overnight.

Dedicated Sales Days

Once your business has a sizable following on Facebook you can host a dedicated sale’s day. It could be a busy business day such as a Friday or Saturday but it needs to appeal to your customers. You could also limit the sales between say 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.; it might generate more demand but again, this will depend on what you have to offer. It takes time to tempt buyers so you have to be patient as well. You can try comment selling to improve sales potential but if you have something worthwhile, it’ll appeal to consumers. See more!

Is It Worth Trying?

Direct sales through Facebook can be good but it does lack in some areas. For instance, the volume of sales is unlikely to match the potential of a business website. You can’t post as many reviews on Facebook and payments can be slightly trickier to work with. You could use Soldsie or a Soldsie alternative and it takes time to establish a consumer base too. Customers may be limited to what they can say in Facebook reviews also. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say Facebook isn’t worth trying but you need to be prepared to put in the effort.

Make Your Business a Success

Establishing a business in this world is difficult, especially when you have to compete with thousands of others. Businesses are more likely to fail within the first year and while you don’t want to hear it, you need to know it. There is a lot of hard work that goes into a business, even if it’s an online one. You have to use all platforms available and dedicate a lot of time to it. From comment selling to marketing, Facebook does it all but you have to work hard to create direct sales through it. You can know more at

Why All Brands Should Be Selling on Social and How to Do It

How valid is your image on social media? It is safe to say that you are trustworthy enough for users to settle on a purchasing decision from your networks? There should be a great deal going into comment selling on social media–enough so you make or possibly present a road for customers to settle on these significant purchasing decisions.

Your image has an endless chance to arrive at increasingly distinct and curated audiences with social media. Be that as it may, without an arrangement to really sell to your customers, what is the purpose of your social strategy? When of the showcasing pipe do your followers move to your item pages?

We realize these questions are difficult to answer, yet that is the reason we set up an assortment of articles on the theme. Look at every one of these posts to learn and comment selling on social media.

Beginning With Social Selling

You likely have a thought of what you need to advance and sell on your diverse social channels, yet you may be searching for ideas on the most proficient method to get this up and going. Right now, give the details to comment selling on your most significant networks and how to additionally form your sales strategy into social media. See more!

Producing Leads

In terms of sales, leads can be just as imperative to your business. Leads are essential for brands to massage, assess and push further into the sales channel. Be that as it may, producing leads from social isn’t the easiest task for businesses. That is the reason we’re giving these articles underneath to give you more insight into lead age on social.

Step by step instructions to Use Social Listening for Sales

For several brands out there, the strategy remains the same–publish content and draw in with users. That is not an awful start, yet perhaps it’s an ideal opportunity to make a stride back and listen. comment selling can assist you with discovering qualified sales leads by focusing on keywords, checking mentions and getting a general vibe of the conversations occurring in the industry. Figure out how to improve your social listening skills to create more sales leads here.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Lead Generation Guide

Cut the selfies, massive measure of emojis and warmed arguments from your social and you have a space for professional systems administration. Line LinkedIn’s capacity to enable your business to maintain a strategic distance from the selfies and start producing leads through smart searches and discovering user’s aim. This means you can create leads by publishing accommodating substance, ads or just settling on connections with decision makers at your objective companies. Figure out how to do it adequately right now.

Improving Sales Enablement

On the off chance that you need to increase sales through your social channels, your group needs the correct tools, substance and strategies to assist customers with settling on sales decisions. You need to drive comment selling to customers to purchase your item or services, yet how your sales group can get from direct A toward B in the sales cycle is another question. For more details, visit:

The Secret To Selling On Instagram Without Spending A Dime

            Comment Selling has quickly become one of the most popular ways to buy and sell merchandise online.  Using Soldsie, or Comment Sold (a Soldsie competitor), customers have rapid, easy access to clothes, technology, toys and much more.  If you’re new to comment selling, let’s elaborate a little more before diving into the best methods of making money on Instagram.

What Is Comment Selling?

            Comment selling is the process of consumers buying advertised items on Facebook or Instagram by writing “SOLD” in the comment section of a post.  For example, you’re looking through posts made by a local vendor and a jacket catches your eye.  By simply typing in “SOLD,” plus maybe a size or color description, an invoice is sent to you if you wish to go through with the order.  It’s fast, instant and it doesn’t require customers to exit your page and interrupt their shopping experience.  This is where Soldsie and Comment Sold come in. Click here!

What is Soldsie and Comment Sold?

These are relatively new apps that allow comment selling to generate money and facilitate transactions between seller and consumer.  All you have to do is download the app and link it up with your Facebook or Instagram and your Paypal account.  From there, the easy to use interface will allow you to establish what your inventory is, prices for products and shipping times.  Soldsie and Comment Sold will recognize the keyword, “SOLD” in the comment sections and send an invoice to that customer using the details on their account.

Do It Without Ads

If we are committed to selling our product without spending any money, we must do it without Instagram ads.  These are useful, but they will cost you anywhere from 20 cents to $2 per click.  If you’re just starting out selling shoes out of your garage, this could be completely unrealistic.  You’re likely to go broke before selling a single pair of flats.  Therefore, we must find a way to get the word out on our product in different ways.

Selling For Free Equals All Profits

Aside from comment selling, here are a few ways to boost sales without costing you a dime:

Give Your Brand A Personality- Consumers are more likely to do business with you if they can put a face, or a personality to your brand.  In descriptions, feel free to let a bit of yourself shine through.  Additionally, this will make you more trustworthy as you won’t appear like a robotic, profit-hungry company.

-Utilize Instagram Stories- These two are somewhat related.  Instagram stories are a great way to create quick, temporary content on your account.  If someone follows your account, they will be notified when you post a new story.  This allows for even more interaction with the customer.  Show them around your business, be funny, be approachable.

-CTA- Having a strong “Call To Action” in your Instagram writeup will take potential customers from casual interest to “add to cart” without them really even knowing.  “Link in Bio,” or “Click here to shop” are a couple examples of CTAs.  Cater an ease of travel from Instagram to your store.

#Hashtags- Find out what hashtags are trending and incorporate them into your posts.  Some might be tangentially related (#blessed, #yass, etc.), but they will drum up more clicks and they also give the look of someone up to date with the current trends.  Do your research.  Look at competitors’ hashtags and see which ones apply to you.


With these tools and methods in mind, you should be well on your way to making good sales at no extra charge to yourself.  The shopping world is quickly changing and it’s imperative that you keep up.  Comment Selling has become the order of the day, so utilize it and see where it takes you! For more details, visit:

7 Best Tools to Sell on Facebook

Facebook registered solid earnings in the most recent quarter, with a daily base of active users of more than one billion, exceeding expectations in all commitments and financial metrics. Facebook continues to venture into new product areas for companies of all sizes, including purchase buttons, purchase sections, payment tools, and even practical reality and purchase assistance. Given all the initiatives to set up commerce within its ecosystem, it could become a place to shop.

Here are seven of the best tools to speed up Facebook ads and make things much easier for you:

#1. Flow

Flow is a Driftrock audience orientation tool designed to synchronize with your existing e-commerce platform or Customer Relationship Management and extract customer data that will assist you to orient your existing customer base more accurately. You may focus on your existing customers, or find new people who share the same features with your current customer base and discover new prospects and leads.

#2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is primarily a tool to track web traffic, however, if you’re not utilizing it along with your Facebook marketing campaign, you are missing out. Here, you can see just what links brought Facebook users to your site and what they did when they got there. It is ideal to discover your true return on investment and determine the effectiveness of the design of your website.

#3. The Real Geeks Facebook Marketing Tool

The Real Geeks marketing tool on Facebook was industrial with real estate agents in mind. The tool synchronizes with an exterior website, obtains key information to create new Facebook ads on the fly and saves all the time that would normally be devoted mainly to the manual work of creating ads. Also, it has a series of analytical functions, so users can determine which ads are most effective.

#4. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is a set of tools in one that gives you the opportunity to link your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts in a centralized location. You can schedule and publish publications, monitor social activity, participate in social listening and even monitor your competitors.

#5. Social Bakers

Social Bakers is a social analysis application that works with about any social network application you can imagine. It will provide you with competitive research, information about the audience, and other social data in customized reports that you can adapt to your certain objectives. More details.

#6. Likealyzer

Likealyzer is a great tool that allows you to analyze the effectiveness and reach of your Facebook page. Connect the URL of your page and the tool will tell you what is wrong with your design and what kind of activity your page is looking at and it’s free.

#7. ShortStack

ShortStack is designed to facilitate the process of creating ads and contests for Facebook and other social networking platforms. It has a friendly user interface and some of the tools to help you create the campaign that you want.

These 7 tools have different advantages and disadvantages, so the ones you choose will depend on your main objectives and your personal preferences once it comes to digital tools. Most of these are completely free or, at least, offer a free trial, so do not be afraid to jump and experiment to see what works best for your brand.

Alternatives to Soldsie Comment Selling For All Platforms

Comment selling today is merely one of the popular online sales tools. Online sales of goods within the last decade have grown to be very popular to attain a position where it is difficult to go without having to be a competitor.

Research your options

Soldsie alternative has many alternatives and could work well. However, they may differ, and some can work with multiple platforms. This does not mean that you are unable to get tools like Soldsie that work for all platforms, but you have to explore a few. Discovering the right alternate for Soldsie can be a great deal easier than you think, and concerns all possible searches on the net. That is something most people forget and should not be. Finding alternatives is very easy, and you have to think about it. Then you will be able to find the right and suitable way to market more goods.

Reselling Your Good Easier

Why do more and more people use tools like soldsie alternative? In fact, it is critical to have a sales tool that makes it easy to build an account and create a list. If you do not have enough time or connection with retailing online, Soldsie can help you and a great many other alternatives. These are important and what must be considered. The sale of goods is quite complicated; however in simple terms, it isvery easy to find tools that will accomplish. If you have the tools you need, you can make sure things are always easy. That is why more and more people opt to comment and everything else. These tools are important. Read more.

Find the right selling tools

When you have mountains that you try to get to the top, you need to believe carefully and find out which sales tools have been most readily useful. You can handle a relatively large number of opportunities, which are often the most disruptive. However, you have to look at what helps with the best use and the possible benefits. If you intend to sell multiple websites, you need soldsie alternative that will continue to work on any program. It isimportant, and you have to think, even if you’re not sure when you can use it.

Sell confidently

Selling online is easier than you think. This might seem more challenging than a decade earlier, but any right help is everything can be done. You can easily obtain the perfect tool to help you sell, and if you discover the right tool that works on different websites, you have a golden solution for success. Feedback on sales information and the rest can help you sell on the internet and do not be afraid to use it.


There are numerous platforms for sellers. You can create a small site for yourself, use shops for a public sale or even use Facebook; there are at least a whole lot of options. Are there alternatives to reselling and, if so, why are they important? They very important because the entire world now revolves around they that’s the reason comment selling is essential. For more information, visit:



Facebook comment selling

5 Simple Steps to Sell Products on Facebook Shop

I know you have an e-commerce business but the major challenge is where do you get your customers with the many platforms to use. Do you have a website? Or you have a Shopify store? If you have an online business you probably know you will need to frequently earn new and many repeat clients, where do you find these clients?

Facebook will give you the clients you desire, with a population of over 2.1 billion active monthly users you are sure to maintain great sales this can always be done through Facebook comment selling.

Below are the steps to open a Facebook shop

Facebook business page set-up

Go ahead and set up a free Facebook business page where your clients can like your post’s comment and share. The reason as to why it’s not advisable to use a personal account is because you cannot open a shop with a personal account and the features of a Facebook page shop are only found on a Facebook business page.

If you have an online business consider opening a Facebook page as it offers vast marketing advantage like your sign-ups and potential customers are allowed to comment, like and share your posts, here it is very easy for your products to be sold through comment selling. The page offers you on the budget advertising tools, and you can sell your products directly to a large group of people. When your page is all set then you can now open a Facebook shop through Facebook friendly e-commerce. Here you can list products and accept offers and payments.

Check your selling options in the new Facebook shop

It offers you a complete in-app selling option by using the following methods

Uploading product data and directly connecting your payment processor to it which may include PayPal use or stripe for payment. It is an appropriate method if you sell a few items and want to keep adding more.

Using an e-commerce platform to sell on Facebook. This may include Shopify or Amazon, Pinterest, eBay among others. This is a time saver as it allows you to list all your products and sell them in your Facebook shop.

Comparison of ecommerce platform the Facebook shop

There are many e-commerce platforms that are easily connected to Facebook. Shopify, eCwid and big commerce are among the best known. You can do your research to get that which suits your needs.

Product creation and linking to your Facebook shop

The e-commerce stores offer you clear guidance to set up the product information and images, the payment options, shipping rates and store information. Each of them does it differently; go for the one that suits you.

Marketing your products

Now that your store is up, the products are ready to be promoted to your followers and countless potential customers using Facebook ads and Facebook posts.

In conclusion, the shop allows the potential client to offer Facebook comment selling and have interactive conversations where the client can understand exactly what they are into buying then purchase. Visit our blog: